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One Response to Carly Simon

  1. Jacquelyn Drechsler says:

    Dear Ms.Simon,

    I am and always have been a great admirer of yours and grew up listening to and loving your music. I have been a classical flutist for the past 35 years, performing with chamber music groups and local orchestras. I have also done recording work (studio and radio) and continue to maintain a private teaching studio. In fact, for several years, I was the private flute teacher for Jenny Filipetti (one of Frank’s daughters). I can honestly say that Jenny was one of the most talented students I ever had the pleasure to teach.

    Although I possess a MFA in Music Performance (1993) from Carnegie Mellon (I was honored to be a scholarship student mentored by the great flutist Mr. Julius Baker) I decided to go back to school three years ago to pursue a masters degree in social work. (N.Y.U. Siver School of Social Work). After nine long months of job searching during this difficult recession, I landed a job at St. Dominic’s Home, a foster care agency in the Bronx. I work in the Therapeutic Foster Boarding Home care unit, working with children who have emotional disturbances as well as various mental illnesses.

    My twin sister Jocelyn, a poet/ song writer/ artist, while reading your bio, took note of your work with musician John Forte and your committment to the Stuttering Foundation.

    I am writing to you, because I am working with a wonderful, possibly very talented,young African American youth (14 years old), who inspite of his difficulties always strives to be the best he can be. He has told me that he keeps a journal of his poetry, rap lyrics and ideas. He is very excited about music, loves all kinds of music and… he also stutters.

    It’s possible that this child may be a perfect match for you, John Forte and the Stuttering Foundation. This youth told me that when he is singing or in the studio, he rarely stutters.

    Is the recording project ongoing?

    The area I work in is very underserved. I am looking to do something very special for this special boy and am hoping that you will get in touch with me so that we can arrange for this young man to continue on the positive path he wants to walk.

    Please feel free to contact me at :
    jacquelyn drechsler
    116 Sierra Vista Lane
    Valley Cottage, N.Y. 10989

    home# 845-535-3091
    cell # 845-270-5837
    work # 917-645-9183

    I am a real person – you can google me to get to my website (designed by the great musician Pete Levin). I am so incompetent with computers, I don’t even know my own website address. I was banned from the computer rooms at Carnegie Mellon!

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