New launches with 2 rare demos has been overhauled and looks great. It’s got a ton of new information and will be updated with interviews, videos and more from Carly Simon’s archives. Perhaps most forward-looking of all is the inclusion of album liner notes and credit information for those on a strictly MP3-only diet.

Our new website boasts a beautiful new layout, with extensive details for all of the music in Carly Simon’s catalog; including liner notes, album art, credits, musicians, full song audio, lyrics, videos and more. For those who prefer to download MP3’s instead of purchasing a CD, you will no longer be deprived of the content contained in the CD packaging because it is all available here, on Carly’s official website.

From a quick look around, I can already see that what they’ve included is more than the original packing info. The website now boasts significant bonus content for each album! The only downside is the loss of the great big song list of all of Carly’s songs all in one place with lyrics and the albums they appear on. And with all of this amazing content to go through, a search engine would be helpful. But minor quibbles aside, this is a wonderful gift to her fans.

To celebrate the relaunch and improved redesign, they’ve released two rarities for $0.99 each: demos of “Embrace Me, You Child” and “Spy”. Both songs appear here in significantly different form than their finished versions as released on the albums No Secrets (1972) and Spy (1979), respectively.


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  1. scott hall says:

    carly ~ they say diefenbaker, but that’s not true though

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