James Taylor on his political upbringing

The Charlotte Observer interviewed James Taylor about how his upbringing in North Carolina shaped his political opinions. James Taylor played CarolinaFest yesterday and will play four songs at the Democratic National Convention this Thursday.

Some excerpts:

“All of us grew up with the idea that Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh – with UNC … Duke and N.C. State – were part of a commitment to the kind of progressive politics that were laying the future for the state.”

“My parents’ commitment to education and public health – to the civil rights movement – was something I was aware of at a very early age … That kind of altruistic gene is something I’m very proud of. It rubbed off.”

“The success of the Research Triangle Park and its high-tech businesses was a real vindication of those who saw access to public education and research as being important to the state.”

“Those early Jesse Helms commentaries made me aware of the political divisions and how counterproductive they can be. My father would get incredulous at the politics of fear and division, as opposed to the idea of public service and working together.

“Little has changed.”

“It would have meant so much to him – he’d find it a realization of his dreams and hopes. If he could be alive now, my father would be working overtime to see that Barack Obama gets his second term.”

Read the entire interview here.


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