Daily Nebraskan likes Carole King’s A Natural Woman: A Memoir

Daily Nebraskan’s Katie Fennelly reviews Carole King’s A Natural Woman: A Memoir and discovers the woman behind the accolades and accomplishments.

On her own accord, she earned the respect of James Taylor, David Crosby and John Lennon. But just because King established a successful career doesn’t mean she didn’t falter in the face of a male-dominated industry. She has married four times and explains in her memoir that she not only faced abuse but felt compelled to stay in dangerous environments, a feeling she couldn’t escape.

“When I look back at my relationships with men, I see a pattern,” she wrote. “As a child, my strong will was juxtaposed with wanting to please my father.

“By the time I was a grown woman, seeking the approval of a man had become a firmly established element of my psychological framework.”

But the most telling aspect of King is the way she lived (and continues to live her life.)

Read the review.


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