Polls could be fun

It looks like we’ve finally hit that late Summer slowdown. Jackson Browne and James Taylor have wrapped up their Summer tours. Yusuf’s Moonshadow musical closed. Carole King’s marketing blitz for her book and album of demos has winded down. Carly Simon is probably working on her memoir. And Joni Mitchell continues to be Joni Mitchell, which must be a pretty good gig.

So over the next few days or weeks or however long it ends up taking, I’m going to start posting some polls where you can vote for your favorite song on an album. I’m assuming the hits and standards will get most of the votes, but I’m hoping some deep tracks will surprise us.

Of course, I’ll keep covering news as it comes in, but sprinkle in some fun to help fill out our day. So check back starting tomorrow to vote for your favorite songs. Be sure to spread the word to friends so we can get a good healthy cross-section. I did this a few years back but based on the site’s traffic these days, I think we’ll get a better turnout. Let’s let these songs know they’re loved!


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