Jackson Browne crowd uncivilized, says Huffington Post

A rowdy crowd at one of Jackson Browne’s shows at The Beacon Theatre inspired an open letter by The Huffington Post’s Marshall Fine to baby boomer audiences asking them to please be more dignified and just politely sit there.

So don’t start shouting the name of your favorite song. Let me modify that: Don’t start drunkenly shouting the name of your favorite song.

Because he’s not going to go, “Oh, Tim in the balcony wants to hear a song I haven’t played in 20 years and haven’t rehearsed with this band and probably can’t remember the lyrics to? OK, let’s dig it out.”

This of course ignores the fact that Jackson has done just that in some shows. While he undoubtedly has a set list, Jackson Browne has shown he’s willing to be adventurous with an obscure request when the mood strikes him.

He goes on at his blog Hollywood and Fine, where it becomes apparent he really just doesn’t like people enjoying themselves while drunk.

Really, don’t drunkenly do anything. Seriously – I don’t want to interfere with your right to party. Except when it interferes with my ability to enjoy the concert.

And this is a concert. Not a party.

I understand the sentiment but he comes off sounding really stodgy and uptight. I mean, you’d think Jackson Browne was a classical musician. It’s OK to let your hair down a little, Marshall. If you require absolute silence while enjoying his music, you’ll probably have better luck controlling the environment of your own home where you can play your albums with no extraneous frivolity whatsoever to your heart’s content.


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