Graham Nash: “There’s no way that Joni Mitchell won’t write again”

In a recent interview with‘s cartoonist and essayist Mr. Fish, Graham Nash revealed that Joni Mitchell is recovering from the mysterious Morgellons Disease and he believes she will write music again.

Fish: So, are there any voices from your musical generation that you really miss?(Long pause)

Fish: Somebody like Joni Mitchell, for example. I really miss her poetic insights and her particular sort of honesty in popular music.

GN: I miss Joni too. I talked to her a couple months ago. She’s had a hard last four or five years with a disease [Morgellons syndrome] that she thinks she has and that many people know she has and that doctors don’t think she has. So she hasn’t put pen to paper or brush to paint in a long time, but she’s coming out of it. When I talked to her she said that she’s over [Morgellons]. She thinks it’s a negative part of her life and she wants to turn more positive. I’ve seen a couple pictures of her lately with Bonnie [Raitt] and Jane Fonda where she looked fucking stunning. I can feel her getting angry about life again and not just concentrating on this one thing that’s pissing her off about personal stuff. There’s no way that Joni Mitchell won’t write again and there’s no way in hell that when she does write again that she won’t fucking knock us on our ass. She’s a brilliant, brilliant writer.

Could a new album be in our future?

The entire interview is worth reading.


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