Debut album of late Natasha relesed with Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell covers

According to The Daily Mail, the debut album of Natasha Anastasiades, a childhood friend of the late Amy Winehouse, has debuted 7 years after the death of Natasha. The album, simply titled Natasha, contains two covers of note. The first is Natasha’s version of “Can’t Keep It In”, a song that originally appeared on Cat Stevens’ Catch Bull at Four from 1974. Yusuf has provided permission for the song’s use, as well as a testimony on the liner notes. Singer George Michael has allowed the use of his unreleased cover of Joni Mitchell‘s “Edith and the Kingpin”. Joni’s original version first appeared on her 1975 album The Hissing of Summer Lawns.

Proceeds from the album will benefit The Natasha Foundation to further education of young people to the risks of reckless driving. Natasha was a passenger in a car that struck a tree seven years ago, ending her life.


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