Insects named after James Taylor and Carole King, apparently

Rolling Stone has a new list of 22 Weird Creatures Named After Superstars. Apparently scientists like to use the names of musicians and other celebrities they like as part of the Latin-sounding names for species they discover.

James Taylor and Carole King were the basis for names of two closely related species of stoneflies, Anacroneuria taylori and Anacroneuria carole. Yes, really!

The two insects were located in Peru and Bolivia and named in 2004, according to this document.

Anacroneuria taylori:

The patronym honors singer, songwriter James Taylor in appreciation of his attention to environmental causes, particularly those in the rain forests of South America where Anacroneuria occurs.

Anacroneuria carole:

The species name, used as a noun in apposition, honors singer, songwriter, environmental advocate, Carole King in recognition of her music career, a pearl by any Standard.


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