Peter Asher and Kate Taylor to perform and reminisce

Peter Asher (singer of Peter & Gordon and longtime producer and manager for James Taylor, among others) and Kate Taylor (singer-songwriter and sister to James) will be doing a special show on Martha’s Vineyard, Peter Asher and Kate Taylor: A musical memoir of the ’60s and beyond. The show is August 7 and will help raise funds for the Martha’s Vineyard YMCA.

Peter Asher has been doing a similar show for a couple of years now and the addition of Kate, whose debut album Sister Kate Peter produced, should make for a fun and fascinating evening. The show will celebrate the anniversary of that album, which includes covers of several Carole King songs.

From Kate’s announcement of the show:

My first manager and producer, famed and fabulous record producer, singer, manager, wit and red-head Peter Asher and I will be doing an evening of music and stories together for the first time, August 7 on Martha’s Vineyard.
I met Peter in ’69, we started recording my first album, “Sister Kate” in 1970 and we are celebrating the 41st anniversary of it’s release this summer with a concert to benefit the MV YMCA.
If you haven’t seen Peter’s Memoir show, it is a must. And I am thrilled to be a part of it for this special night.



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