Jackson Browne calls for freedom of activist Leonard Peltier

Jackson Browne posted to his website on Friday a request for his fans to call the United States White House in support of freeing the Native American activist Leonard Peltier.

Please call the White House on today, Friday, in favor of freedom for Leonard Peltier, Native American activist in prison for a crime that he did not commit.

The number for the White House comment line is: 202 456-1111

If the line is busy, try the White House switchboard: 202 456-1414
and ask for the comment line.  You may be placed on hold until the next available staff member can take your call.

Please, make that call.

Leonard Peltier was arrested for the shooting of two FBI agents in June 1975. In 1977 he was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to two terms of life in prison. Amnesty International’s review of the original trial concluded that it was unfair, and the organization has been petitioning for his release for decades. This sentiment is shared by the National Congress of American Indians (representing over 500 Indian nations in the United States), a number of US Senators and Congressmen, the Dalai Lama, and Parliaments representing Europe, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and more, plus over 500 scholars, politicians, and other public figures.

While we missed the big push on Friday, it doesn’t look like any time is a bad time to call or petition on Peltier’s behalf, who turns 68 in September. His next parole hearing appears to be scheduled for July 2024.


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33 Responses to Jackson Browne calls for freedom of activist Leonard Peltier

  1. When it comes to defending Leonard Peltier, Jackson Browne is a meathead. I am familiar with the Peltier myth of innocence and the history of his sham legal defense. Peltier’s former attorney, Barry Bachrach, is a friend of mine. There’s no doubt Peltier is guilty. I sat next to inmate Peltier at his last parole hearing and wrote about his innocence scam, designed to extract sympathy votes from well intentioned but grossly uninformed supporters like Jackson Browne. I was in the courtroom when the former wife of AIM hoodlum Dennis Banks recalled under oath Peltier’s boast about shooting Ron Williams in the face at point-blank range: “The mother—–er was begging for his life but I shot him anyway.” That statement was heard by three other witnesses, including another AIM murder victim, Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. Along with Dennis Banks and Russell Means, Peltier was also involved in the Aquash murder by virtue of his gun-in-the-mouth interrogation of Anna Mae some six months before she was shot in the head. And also like Banks and Means, Pelter has been lying about it ever since. Read this recent ruling from the South Dakota Supreme Court regarding the (denied) appeal of Anna Mae’s executioner, John Graham.
    The recent ruling from Judge McCarthy rejecting Peltier’s fishing expedition for mythical documents he claims will vindicate him brings the total of Peltier’s failed appeals to something like 0 for 25. When will Peltier’s handlers admit their manufactured story of his innocence is little more than a layer-upon-layer of fabrications, designed for the consumption of Indian wannabes, political zealots, and useful idiots who shower Peltier with awards? The mythmakers certainly do not want you to see examples of Peltier changing his alibis as found in the video here:
    As we stated for the record at his parole hearing, until Peltier shows remorse for his crimes and cooperates in the Aquash murder case (still an ongoing investigation), he should stay behind bars. Parole is reserved for offenders who accept responsibility for their actions and who ask forgiveness from their victims’ families. Peltier has done just the opposite, flouting his guilt and fooling his fans. Inmate Peltier must also serve his additional seven-year sentence for his armed escape from prison in 1979, during which a young Indian was shot to death by prison guards, more blood on Peltier’s hands and another story his defenders must change in order to make him the victim.

    • Corey Blake says:

      John, I’m only going to say this once: keep it respectful. I appreciate the information and different perspective, but name-calling and insults, whether to Jackson Browne, Leonard Peltier, or someone posting here, doesn’t help your argument or prove your point, and they certainly don’t grant you any cool points. Keep the personal attacks out or you’ll be removed.

      • HI Corey,
        Aside from calling Jackson Browne a “meathhead,” what sort of names did I call Leonard Peltier or anyone else for that matter? And how is one supposed to be “respectful” of a proven liar and convicted murderer when engaged in the exposure of his lies and murders? Boot me if you want, but this is not about “cool points;” it is about the truth and about how a manipulative, lying, guilty killer has fooled a lot of your friends into believing he is a victim by virtue of his part-Native ancestry. And I think you’d have to agree that exploiting one’s race and the great warrior name, “Crazy Horse” for the purposes of portraying oneself as the victim in a double murder is the height of disrespect, not to mention a bastardization of genuine Indian spirituality.

    • WJ Shelton says:

      Mr. Trimbach is the son of Joseph Trimbach, one of the major FBI agents involved in suppressing the siege at Wounded Knee. As such, he is hardly an objective observer. He is defending his father’s legacy, which includes lying and the violation of people’s civil and constitutional rights. I have read Mr. Trimbach’s accusations about what happened inside Wounded Knee and they are pure BS. I know. I was there. The vast majority of what he says happened there simply didn’t. His lack of credibility on that must be taken into consideration here. He is smearing the same people and the same movement. For me, John Trimbach, like his father, is an out and out liar.

  2. Els Herten says:

    Trimbach please! Do you honestly think that anybody in their right mind would believe the rantings of a fed?!
    The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that Peltier’s trial and appeals clearly proved the total misconduct of the FBI, as well as several judiciary improprieties such as for instance: coercion of witnesses, perjury, fabrication of false evidence, and withholding crucial evidence proving Peltier’s innocence. The judges considered the FBI misconduct as “a clear abuse of the investigative process”. Nevertheless, the court refused to grant Peltier a new trial because they “were opposed to having to admit more and new errors from the part of the FBI.”
    Prosecuting attorney Lynn Crooks admitted in court that neither the government nor the FBI “have any idea of who committed these murders”, nor of the exact role Peltier might have had in the shoot-out.
    The ballistic report clearly proved that the deadly bullets did not match Peltier’s gun.
    Co-defendants Robideau and Butler were acquitted for reasons of legal self defense. The government then dropped all charges against a 3rd person, so they could concentrate fully on the unjustified persecution of Leonard Peltier.
    As to Dennis Banks’ ex-wife, Kamook… she had to admit in court that she had been paid over 40,000$ for her testimony.
    If the feds have nothing to hide, then why don’t they release the +100,000 documents they’re still withholding in this particular case?
    Who are the “meatheads”, “hoodlums, “useful idiots”, “mythmakers” here? Right: the Trimbachs, DeMain, Woods, and all the other feds.

    • Sorry Els, but you’re simply mistaken with several of your assertions. I know Lyne Crooks and he never admitted anything of the sort. Your claims about the ballistics, Ka-mook’s testimony, and the documents are also easily refuted, as an examination of the legal record shows and as documented in American Indian Mafia. Much of the propaganda you cite had its roots in Peter Matthiessen’s pro-Peltier tome, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, now thoroughly discredited. You’re also forgetting the 1978 Findings of Fact from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals:

      1. The van that the agents followed into the Jumping Bull Compound was occupied by Peltier…
      2. At the time, Peltier had access to information that he was being followed by FBI agents.
      3. Peltier had reason to believe that the agents were looking for him, rather than Jimmy Eagle. He stipulated at trial that there was an arrest warrant outstanding, charging him with attempted murder. Upon his arrest in Canada months later for the murders of the agents, Peltier remarked that the two agents were shot when they came to arrest him.
      4. Michael Anderson, one of the AIM members who was firing at the cars from one of the houses in the Jumping Bull Compound, testified that after both sides had been shooting at one another from a distance, and at least one of the agents had been wounded, he saw Peltier, Robideau and Butler standing down at the agents‘ cars. Peltier at the time was holding an AR-15… FBI agents who later searched the area recovered Williams’ badge and billfold on the ground near the junction of the roads leading to the houses and Tent City. It was at this junction that Peltier‘s van had stopped shortly before the firing commenced.
      5. According to the doctor who performed the autopsies, the agents were shot with a high velocity, small caliber weapon. Peltier’s AR-15, the civilian counterpart of the M-16, was the highest velocity weapon fired that day. No other person was seen by any trial witness on June 26 with an AR-15. Peltier carried his AR-15 out with him when he and the other participants of the shoot-out escaped from the reservation…
      6. Ammunition components linked ballistically to the same AR-15 were found at the crime scene. The ballistics expert was unable to fire the AR-15 because it had been damaged in the explosion on the Kansas Turnpike. However, he was able to remove the bolt from it, place the bolt in another AR-15, and test fire the replacement AR-15. The expert testified that a .223 cartridge casing found in the trunk of Coler‘s car had been loaded into and extracted from the AR-15. He also testified that a .22 caliber copper bullet jacket found in the ground underneath the bodies of Coler and Williams had rifling impressions consistent with the rifling of the barrel of an AR-15… There was no testimony to indicate that either Robideau or Butler was seen the afternoon of the murders with a weapon that fired .22 caliber bullets.
      7. Wilford Draper, a member of the escape party that left Tent City the evening of the murders, testified that he overheard Peltier, Butler and Robideau discussing certain details of the murders on the evening of June 26, 1975.
      8. Peltier was stopped by police months later in the State of Oregon. He fled the scene, turning to fire on one of the police officers. The motor home in which he was riding was searched, and Special Agent Coler’s revolver was found in a bag bearing Peltier‘s thumbprint.

      And Els, even Judge Heaney, who you like to say was on your side, ruled that Peltier was fairly tried and fairly convicted. In fact, the legal decisions against inmate Peltier are unanimous; not one judge has sided with Peltier, not ever. On the other hand, you’re free to disregard the courts’ findings and the mountain of evidence against Peltier, and put your trust in Jackson Browne’s legal knowledge. Good luck with that!

  3. Els Herten says:

    I have copies of all the FBI documents that were released over the years, regarding this case. I also have copies of the trial & appeal transcripts. This is the only evidence on which I formed my opinion regarding the Peltier case. In all those documents – especially the ones from the FBI – I have not seen your so-called “mountain of evidence against Peltier”. In fact, I have not seen a mole hill… not a a proton/neutron/electron of evidence against Leonard Peltier. Nothing… nada… zilch.

  4. I doubt that very much, Els. Perhaps you are simply close-minded about the facts of this murder case. How is it you know better than the two dozen or so judges who have looked at this case backwards and forwards and have unanimously concluded that Peltier is guilty? And as we now know, Peltier boasted about shooting Ron Williams in the face in Anna Mae’s presence who he had earlier interrogated by putting a loaded gun in her mouth and who was also shot in the head at point-blank range. This we know from court testimony and the evidence, whether you choose to believe it or not. And then there’s Peter Matthiessen’s unintentional indictment of Peltier, when he places him right next to the dead agents in the critical moment with this memorable quote: “I seen Joe when he pulled it [Agent Coler’s green FBI jacket] out of the trunk and I looked at him when he put it on, and he gave me a smile (ITOSH, p.552.) I’ll bet you and your friends believe this was explained away by Peltier’s “Mr. X” story. But once again, this lie was exposed as such by none other than Peltier’s accomplice, Dean Butler. Really, Els, why should anyone believe YOUR rants?

  5. Sorry for the typo: “ITSOCH”, p. 552, (original version, p. 568.) One of several brazen falsehoods from Peter Matthiessen’s book: “Leonard Peltier, who was in charge of security at the convention, was given the responsibility of confronting Anna Mae Aquash with the spreading rumors that she was also an informer; he handled this in his own easygoing way.” (ITSOCH, p. 146, original version, p. 147.)

  6. silent bear says:

    Hey “Fed Baby” Trimbach- To add to your huge heap of lies in defending your guilty daddy while further scapegoating Leonard Peltier, let’s see what your “friend,” Barry has to say:

    I don’t believe leonard is guilty of any wrong relative to anna mae. relative to the FBI agents. I don’t have a clue. I do know, and have always stated, he didn’t get a fair trial. He got screwed on parole, and they screwed him on the 9/03 10th circuit parole hearing, especially when the 1oth circuit acknowledged wrongdoing.

    This commnent confused me: And how can you stand beside such a man unless your true motive is to subtlety undercut him(them)? I may be giving you too much credit here?
    Let me be clear, my only purpose is to set forth what I understand and the points I am trying to make. I will tell you that I am very involved in the anna mae matter, for one reason, I represent Arlo and represent him zealously. I can only represent him because there is no conflict between him and leonard. So, what I do in the anna mae case is to show a light on the truth as I understand it, and to represent my current client. I can tell you again, I have never implicated or insinuated that Leonard had anything to do with her death.

    So how come you and Kuzma never got the FBI documents? Probably because it would prove exactly what you’re hinting at. It would reveal the operatives and the the plans and would prove that the FBI are essentially responsible for the deaths of their own agents in Oglala as well as for the murder of Anna Mae.

    If you look at the history, I was trying, with mike to get the informant files from the FBI. If you read what we wrote, especially what I wrote, and I wrote an article for leonard stating this that was published in counterpoint, that if we could find one informant infiltrating the defense committee or leonard’s defense he had a key out. The court denied our motion. I left in 3/07. Leonard retained kuby. On appeal, kuby dropped (look at the appellate brief) that argument and waived it. apparently kuby called mike and had him argue it at the last minute. But I/mike were intently going after informant/operative docs, gov wouldn’t produce, and lower court denied. It was kuby who waived that argument on appeal when I was no longer involved. I don’t hold anyone’s hands. I have interviewed many many people and have the copies. I have most of bob robideau’s work. I have acquired FBI docs from Hendricks and every other source I can get. I formed my own opinions and frankly many of my opinions as to what occurred are different or I have been able to enlighten others. I believe there was informant/operatives involved in anna mae’s murder. Why has theda never been indicted. I have a lot of info on her. “tough old broad” she is called but I think she played for other team and knew a lot.

    I honestly don’t know what everyone else is trying to achieve. I am trying to help arlo, I am trying to bring out the truth, and ultimately find out who the operatives were. Read prices’s deposition in the mathiessen case. And I think it is quoted in the second edition of mathiessen. There was a non-indian provocateur involved in jumping bull according to price. I have to find the exact quote (my crap is all over the place, no not literal crap though you would say it is actual crap). He doesn’t name anyone but gives clues to his identity.

    As far as anna mae, I can say out loud, if I didn’t shame on me, I believe leonard is innocent of the murder of anna mae. as for the agents, one is innocent until proven guilty. He was not proven guilty by a fair trial which is the basis of our system. Clearly I have said that. factually, I don’t know. so under our system, logicially, I can say he is innocent.

    You may or may not respect me. that is your choice. But, there is much much more substance to my thoughts that was said in that short presentation. Thank you for letting me explain. This is better than the name calling in which I previously engaged. That is disrespectful of me, and earns me no respect and shouldn’t. I don’t believe I answered everything because I am on way out and running. I am sure there is more to add or explain. But look at the briefs we tried to get informant docs, we should have got them. the court should have at least looked to see if there were informants and if there were given us the docs.

    Barry Bachrach, Esquire
    The Law Office of Barry Bachrach
    62 Paxton Street
    Leicester, MA 01524
    Telephone No.: (508) 892-1533
    Facsimile No.: (508) 892-1633
    Email: bbachrach@bachrachlaw.net

  7. silent bear says:

    Hey “John Boy,” Trimbach: Do you have a little “debt,” problem, there. No one would publish your joke of a book so you had to self publish. Then you tried to use Leonard/ the LP-DOC to get your money back by doing debates for $10,000 a piece. When you were offered to do the debates for no profit but for a charity to help the people of Pine Ridge this is what you said. We didn’t go for your bullshit now you’re trying to raise attention for yourself in public forums as to try and sell your “so called” book. My advice would be to check $1, giveaway bins or a dumpster near you:

    My terms are simple: I get paid the standard Ward Chuchill fee of 10g’s plus expenses for each appearance. I should actually receive more than that, since what I have to say will be beneficial to many professors of Indian Studies, quite unlike the bilge he peddles. If you wish to contribute your waterboy cut to an Indian fund, that’s your business (good idea as partial penance for the evil you’ve helped bring to Indian Country.) Otherwise, talk to the hand. Better yet, I’ll deal directly with Kari Ann. We really don’t need your bumbling.

    In the Spirit of Anna Mae,

    John ( Trimbach)

  8. truthmaypreveal says:

    If you know historical revisionism, you will know that some people deny the existence of concentration camps. Nazi propaganda? Well look at it closer. Our media man here, John Trimbach who feels he should be hide under James Simon, might have a good job. What job you will ask me.
    Let’s start from the beginning, on Linkedin Mr. Trimbach does not have a REAL job, he does nothing in life beside having published a book that revision history and covers the truth about the American Indian Culture and continuing genocide ( I hope your children will study history and know who you truly are Mr. Trimbach)
    How does he have a villa in Peachtree Georgia, only by selling few copies full of a book full with lies? Or maybe.. Countelpro has invested some $$ in helping him campaigning his lies? But now the fact. Who can publish a book made by two ignorant people and that has no historical references? One answer: outskirtspress! Outskirt press says on their website: “publish anything, write anything” . I hope some of you can still laugh.
    There are facebook pages that he created , you tube channels followed by a bunch of American gun freaks that will shoot at anything. I can even imagine the connections with the no parole peltier association and Trimbach or the real mafia, the media mafia that covers the truth.
    Personally I don’t know if Trimbach can find a real job, but hope he will be accountable for the lies he spread.

  9. Truth will prevail, but not here (nor, apparently, will a dictionary): Lie # 1. I do not have a real job. Lie #2. I hide behind our nom de plume (see aimmythbusters.com) Lie # 3. I live in a villa. Lie # 4. Our book has no historical references. So, are you accountable for the lies that you spread? This is what we’ve come to expect from those who defend Leonard Peltier. For many more examples, read American Indian Mafia. It will open your eyes.

  10. Wrong again, WJ. We honor the truth; you do not. It’s as simple as that. All you can do in response is level slanderous accusations. Anybody can do that, but can you refute any of the 8 findings of fact by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals? Can you explain why Peltier lied about Mr. X, his sworn alibi? Can you explain why CNN’s Mark Potter finally got inmate Peltier to admit that he did go down to where the wounded and disarmed agents were, by their bureau cars, after years of denials? Why should anyone take your word for anything? As for what happened at Wounded Knee, are you denying that civil rights activist Ray Robinson was shot in the leg, carried to the makeshift clinic where he bled to death, and that his body was secretly buried nearby. You say you were there? Let’s see you lie your way out of that.

  11. I thought so. When it comes to acknowledging murder at Wounded Knee, you crawl back into your hole; standard AIM cowardice.

    • wjshelton says:

      If you want to talk about murder, let’s talk about those 60 plus AIM members and supporters that your minions killed… not about one “alleged” murder at Wounded Knee, [expletive deleted].

      • James Simon says:

        Okay, let’s talk about it:
        Leon L. Swift Bird:
        Stabbed by Dorothy Iris Poor Bear; killer convicted and sentenced.
        Byron DeSersa:
        Two defendants, Dale Janis and Charlie Winters convicted and sentenced; 2 others, Manny Wilson and Chuck Richards acquitted.
        Anna Mae Pictou Aquash:
        Murdered by AIM members, Arlo Looking Horse, John Graham, Thelma Rios sentenced.
        Edward Standing Soldier:
        Killed by homeowner while committing armed robbery.
        Martin Montileaux:
        Murdered by AIM member Richard Marshall, sentenced.
        Hobart Horse:
        Killer sentenced
        Stacy Cotter (Cortier):
        Killer sentenced
        Frank Clear
        Died of gunfire from Federal law enforcement officials after 6-8 individuals began firing at Deputy U.S. Marshals at a road block.
        *Roxeine Roark:
        She and a friend were handling a .357 magnum handgun when it discharged accidentally. Died en route to the hospital
        Buddy Lamont:
        Investigation showed Lamont was shot and killed during a gunfight with Federal officers at a roadblock in Wounded Knee. Family accuses AIM members of shooting him at close range.
        Ben Sitting Up:
        Killed with an axe, attacker identified but not prosecuted because of mental impairment.
        Sam Afraid of Bear:
        Killers Rudolph Running Shield and Luke Black Elk, Jr. sentenced.
        Kenneth Little:
        Died after being struck with a tire iron by Antoine William Bluebird during a quarrel. Bluebird was found and sentenced to 7 years.
        Kenneth Mansfield Hill:
        Stabbed 19 times by a 17-year-old Indian, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
        Leah Spotted Elk:
        Kenneth John Returns From Scout pled guilty to shooting his wife. Sentenced.
        Joseph Bedell Stuntz:
        Shot by a BIA police officer while taking aim on an FBI agent.
        Betty Means:
        Arlene Good Voice sentenced.
        Julius Bad Heart Bull:
        Bartholomew Joseph Long sentenced to 10 years.
        Sandra Wounded Foot:
        Paul Duane Herman pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter, and was sentenced to ten years.
        Randy Hunter:
        Vern Carlin Top Bear charged, found not guilty of second degree murder by a jury.
        Dennis LeCompte:
        Glen Three Stars was tried and acquitted of voluntary manslaughter.
        Howard Blue Bird:
        Le Roy Apple admitted stabbing Blue Bird, was charged and sentenced.
        Jim Little:
        Thomas Chief Eagle, Fred Marrowbone and a juvenile were convicted and sentenced. Cecil Bear Robe acquitted.
        Phillip Little Crow:
        Irby Leroy Hand confessed, sentenced to five years.
        Pedro Bissonette:
        Fugitive killed by BIA police while armed and resisting arrest.
        Olivia Bianas:
        Witnesses observed Norman Bianas beating his wife. Convicted and sentenced.
        Janice Black Bear:
        George Michael Twiss spent the evening with her, pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter, sentenced.
        Carl Plenty Arrows Sr., Frank La Pointe:
        Glen Janis pled guilty to second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter, sentenced to 20 years.
        Floyd Sherman Bianas, Yvette Loraine Lone Hill:
        Marion Allen High Bull was tried by a jury, convicted of murder and manslaughter, sentenced to 20 years.
        NOT MURDERS:
        • Edward Standing Soldier: Killed by homeowner while armed and committing a robbery.
        • Richard Eagle: Killed while playing with loaded gun
        • Roxeine Roark: Handling a .357 magnum handgun when it discharged accidentally. Died en route to the hospital
        • Jancita Eagle Deer: Killed by motorist while walking in a lane of traffic at night. The driver stopped, called for an ambulance and police assistance at the time of the accident.
        • Philip Black Elk: Black Elk said he entered the residence and attempted to light the pilot on the hot water heater when a propane explosion occurred. He died at a Denver hospital.
        • Frank Clear: Died of gunfire from Federal law enforcement officials after 6-8 individuals began firing at Deputy U.S. Marshals at a road block.
        • Joseph Bedell Stuntz: Shot by a BIA police officer while taking aim on an FBI agent, shortly after involvement in the murder of two other FBI agents.
        Possible Murder: • Buddy Lamont: Investigation showed Lamont was shot and killed during a gunfight with Federal officers at a roadblock in Wounded Knee. Family accuses AIM members of shooting him at close range.

        And this does not include numerous other claimed Goon murders of AIM members, e.g., Michelle Tobacco, nine months old, dead from child abuse. Respect the truth, honor the fallen and don’t get fooled again.

        • wjshelton says:

          Okay, [expletive deleted], since you decided to play this game, why didn’t you choose better examples. I’m just going to deal with a few, which you got very, very wrong. It goes to show how credible you are, which is not very, if at all…

          Let’s start with Frank Clearwater, whom you call Frank Clear. He was not killed as the result of gunfire at a roadblock. He was asleep in the basement of the Catholic Church in Wounded Knee when a firefight erupted. The top of his head was taken off by a .50 caliber machine gun. Don’t give me any crap on this one. I met his wife on several occasions after he was killed.

          Next: Buddy Lamont was also not “shot and killed during a gunfight… at a roadblock.” He was flushed out of a bunker with tear gas and shot, probably by a sniper, as he emerged from the bunker. We were not able to assist him for quite a while, due to the intense gunfire being directed at us by the Feds. His bunker was not anywhere near the road, much less a roadblock. Don’t give me any crap on this one either, [expletive deleted]. I helped dig his grave.

          Pedro Bisonette was neither a fugitive nor armed when he was shot by the BIA police while supposedly “resisting arrest”. Yeah, right… Pedro was my friend.

          Byron DeSersa: you conveniently failed to mention that the two people convicted of his murder where GOONS.

          And it took you all this time to come up with this load of crap. Credibility – you have none.

  12. My examples were good, good enough to flush you out. Cheryl Robinson would like you to explain why you and your friends covered up the shooting death of her husband, Ray Robinson, and why your pal, Cris Westerman, secretly buried his body after your buddies took him, bleeding to death, to the makeshift clinic, attended by your cover-up gal-friends, Loreli and Madonna.

    Frank Clear was not asleep when he was shot; he had just awakened and was sitting up when he was hit by an errant bullet (not a .50 caliber) that came through the wall of the little church (not a basement). You remember Ann Pearse Hocker and Strawberry? They actually attended to Frank Clear, not you. Strawberry rode with him on top of that car hood, all the way to RB 1, not your friend, Carter Camp, as he claimed in the cover-up film, We Shall Remain, Part V. As for his name, Frank “Clear” was his real one; he was of Irish descent, not a drop of Indian blood as your AIM friends said. And it is certainly not incorrect to state the circumstances that precipitated that firefight, i.e., “6-8 individuals began firing at U.S. Marshals at a road block.”

    Buddy Lamont was indeed shot, once, probably by one of Dennis’ goons or Dennis himself, as a result of his paranoia and heated feuding with Buddy over who was in charge. (It should have been Lamont, the local Oglala leader, not Banks the outsider). Despite several government calls for a ceasefire after Buddy was hit, Dennis refused. He let Buddy lay out there for two hours before agreeing to stop shooting; that is on the record. So is the fact that this shooting incident also began with unprovoked gunfire at a roadblock and grew into a full-fledged firefight. The question is why didn’t AIM immediately call for a ceasefire when Buddy was hit, as they did when Clear was shot? Your statement, “We were not able to assist him for quite a while, due to the intense gunfire being directed at us by the Feds.” doesn’t wash. In fact, it makes you sound guilty. In his autobiography, Dennis claims Buddy was shot in the back but the autopsy report showed he was shot in the chest. Again, why is that? I’ll bet your claimed knowledge of the incident only goes so far, huh?

    Pedro was definitely armed when he was shot by BIA police; you’re the only one disputing that, and Bryon DeSersa was killed by people associated with Charlie Abourezk, an alleged co-conspirator in the murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. We’re not playing games, we’re seeking justice. Why do you take issue with irrelevancies, yet have nothing to offer about the interrogations, the beatings, the rapes, and the murders overseen by Dennis Banks, Carter Camp, Stan Holder, and David Hill? Whose crap are you peddling? It is time to stop the denials. It is time to come clean about the VVAW, the location of the bodies, and all the secret murders at Wounded Knee.

  13. Great come-back. Why are you covering for them?

    • wjshelton says:

      I’m not covering for anybody, but I do get tired of dealing with people who are utterly and totally truth-challenged. In your previous post, you made so many blatantly false statements that both you and I know to be false that I’m not even going to respond to them. Now, I have a question for you: why do you have such an axe to grind with anyone remotely related to AIM that you have to make up vicious lies and pass them off as “truth”? The truth is something in which you apparently have no interest whatsoever unless it serves your personal biases and agend. You are a troll — a vicious, lying troll. I’m done with you. My conscious is totally clean. I rather suspect that you don’t even have one.

      I’ll say it one more time: you are a lying sack of fecal matter.

  14. Right, you have a totally clean “conscious.” The difference between you and me is that I have a conscience that honors the truth. You run from it. As you are well aware, we report what eye witnesses have told us; that is not making up lies, that is exposing the liars, and the killers. Our “axe to grind” is the pursuit of justice; yours is the same old cover-up under the guise of promoting Indian rights. Your problem is most of the AIM victims, with the notable exception of civil rights activist Ray Robinson, were Indians, as are many of the people you slander today.

    • wjshelton says:

      “Runs from the truth”? Let me see if I understand this correctly. For starters, you are telling me that I should believe your second or third hand version of Buddy Lamont’s death, based on your unnamed “sources” and totally disregard my firsthand knowledge of the facts of his death. Trust me, if your account, in which Dennis Banks is responsible for his death and that Dennis Banks prevented our assisting Buddy ad nauseum held the least bit of truth to it, I would have known it. Secondly, the people inside Wounded Knee would not have stood for it. Buddy was well liked and from the Res. Third, the Feds called for a ceasefire? Yeah, right. You weren’t there at all at any time. You would know that wouldn’t you? No, they didn’t. We did. The Feds enjoyed shooting at us; they were having way too much fun playing the cowboys in their game of cowboys and Indians. So, go spread your malicious lies elsewhere, as you are wont to do. You wouldn’t recognize the “truth” if it bit you in the backside. I’m through with you, [expletive deleted].

  15. James Simon says:

    Yes, you run from the truth with statements like, “…the people inside Wounded Knee would not have stood for it.” If that was true, then no one would have been raped or murdered “inside Wounded Knee.” Somebody would have stood up to Banks; it obviously wasn’t you. Apparently, the “people inside” were okay with the guy getting beat up on the cross, the women who were raped, the people who were interrogated, and others such as Ray Robinson, “the black guy” who became one of the secret casualties, made fun of as he “bled out.” Those are real accounts, not lies. Why should anyone take your word for it when you’ve already been exposed as falsifying or denying key aspects of these events? Your cowboys and Indians analogy is sad; had the government marksmen wanted to, they could have taken out scores of you and your fake warrior friends at any time. The fact is, they showed tremendous patience and restraint in the face of nightly gunfire attacks at the roadblocks. You do not have the moral high ground; whether you want to admit it or not, more people died INSIDE the village at the hands of Dennis Banks and his VVAW goons than died as the result of government gunfire, namely Frank Clear, hit by an errant round that penetrated the wall of a church. The real victims of Wounded Knee were the villagers you and your fellow hoodlums left homeless after you ransacked, looted and destroyed their town, and the people who never made it out alive, after your crime bosses, Banks, Crow Dog, Holder, and Hill, decided their fate and disposed of the bodies. They all have blood on their hands, and there’s no denying it.

  16. truthmaypreveal says:

    Dear wjshelton please know that the guy posting as James Simon here is obviously someone else. It took me some extra researching time on the internet to find out that WHO wrote the book “native american mafia” is a fake!! Ask John Trimbach for his ID. HE DOES NOT EXIST. There’s no John Trimbach in Georgia or James Simon is Georgia but only a guy who’s name is JAMES TRIMBACH! (james is used in james simon and trimbach is from john trimbach, how clever! ) What credibility do you hope to have writing a book under a fake name and hope that nobody notice. JIM Trimbach are you aware of the existance of GOOGLE? And obviously he IS an ex FBI just like his dad. If you need more info on him I’m writing a book called ” the FBI mafia lies on native American people” I’ll print it under a fake name in the Kinko copy shop and distribute it on Amazon.

  17. truthmaypreveal says:

    And on extra research I did find that James is the brother of John and they look like each other ( as well as they
    support each other ). Sorry wjshelton, got really mad at Trimbach’s abusive way of writing. Also he changes names every 5 minutes which is more confusing. At the end try to reason with a mad man makes you mad. Have a good day!

  18. Wow, with logic like that, no wonder Leonard is innocent. Great detective work! Now I have no idea who I am!

    • truthmaypreveal says:

      There’s a saying in social media that goes something like this “You know you’ve “arrived” when you’ve got trolls commenting on your work”. It’s true, the more connections you have on social media networks the more likely someone will disagree with you. Now, just disagreeing doesn’t make somebody a troll though. Trolls are a special breed. They look for high profile sites or people to grumble at, generally to make themselves feel more important. They play off anything you say in response. They exist to stir things up and the bigger the argument becomes the more they love it.

      It’s important to understand this dynamic because reason doesn’t work with trolls. Any response just encourages them and if they get a rise out of you? Well, it can get ugly.

      One example of what happens when you respond to negativity with negativity is the famous duel between Loren Feldman and Shel Israel. It started out when Loren posted a negative review of the Shel Israel Show. Being a satirist at heart, Loren got the bright idea of a puppet show in which his Shel Israel puppet interviewed some social media thought leaders and he even went so far as to buy the domain ShelIsrael.com and posted his shows there (Shel finally got control of the domain.) and even retained sponsorship for the videos.

      Shel responded publicly, mostly on Twitter, and on his blog, but pretty much anything he did only added fuel to the fire. This back and forth went on for over a year with lots of coverage in the press and particularly on TechCrunch.

      I am not taking sides here. I’m using this only as an example of how your brand can be damaged by letting something like this snowball. It wouldn’t have been fun to poke at Shel if he hadn’t responded the way he did and it would have probably fizzled. Was Loren really a troll or just a slightly obnoxious satirist who saw an opportunity? You decide. Here’s a definition on Wikimedia of a troll war. If the shoe fits…..’

      So how should you deal with trolls?
      Ignore them. Trolls exist for the spotlight. Often ignoring them will either make them simply go away or they’ll say even more ridiculous things making them look foolish and desperate.

      If you feel you HAVE to respond, wait at least an hour. Decide if you really have to take action at all.

      Be nice. Anger only encourages response. Something very short and to the point like “thank you for your point of view”. is enough. The more you say, the more you feed ‘em.

      if your followers respond angrily the whole thing can escalate quickly too. After all, you’re not the only one who can encourage the troll. Laugh it off or kill them with kindness by thanking them for their viewpoint and passion and ignore any further responses.

      Don’t attempt to show them the error of their ways. That just encourages them. Logic, reason and statistics only give fuel to the fire.

      Take a page from David J. Pollay’s book “The Law of The Garbage Truck“. Wish them well and let them pass on by. You don’t need their garbage in your life.

      If the post is abusive, hateful or uses bad language delete it. If it’s on your blog or a forum, block their IP address and put them on the blacklist.

      If you’re leaving because of a troll please don’t encourage them by saying so. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails wrote this post on the promise and disappointment of social media when he decided to abandon Twitter because of the trolls. It’s heartfelt and he must have felt it was necessary, but who wins in the end? That’s right. The trolls.

      Be boring. Yes, that’s a joke. But when you think about it if you are so boring that you don’t have a big following or comments you’re not good troll bait right?

      FROM : Don’ t feed the troll

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