Treasure Trove of Rare Carly Simon Interviews

A number of rare interviews and TV appearances by Carly Simon have recently been added to YouTube thanks to B4inSF, probably the world’s biggest Carly Simon fan. Recorded straight to VHS off the TV, there are a number of rediscovered gems.

Some highlights:

A segment from the early ’80s on the three Simon sisters, Joanne, Lucy and Carly, that possibly aired on 20/20.

In 1995, Carly appeared via satellite for a brief interview with Los Angeles’ morning show on KTLA TV to promote Letters Never Sent. The absolutely ecstatic interviewer asked about her song “Just Not True” from the classic Hotcakes album, which led to an impromptu a cappella performance of the song.

Bravo Profiles presents a 45 minute documentary on Carly Simon, her life and the making of The Bedroom Tapes. It includes interviews with producers Frank Filipetti and David Field, singer/songwriter Jimmy Webb, her children and musicians Sally and Ben Taylor, lyricist Jacob Brackman, bassist T-Bone Wolk, drummer Rick Marotta, musical artist John Forté, Arista Records execs Clive Davis and Ken Levy, former President Bill Clinton, New York Times music critic Stephen Holden, and Boston Globe music critic Steve Morse.

ABC’s Good Morning America had a lot of promotion for The Bedroom Tapes, starting with a 2-part interview with Diane Sawyer and ending with a concert in Bryant Park.


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