In Case You Haven’t Heard, James Taylor Sings Music of Our Lives

The Republican published a controversial editorial about James Taylor in reflecting on his July 4th show at Tanglewood. OK, not really controversial, but despite the unoriginal headline, it’s a good (but brief) reflection on the lasting appeal of James Taylor.

An excerpt:

Since Taylor’s first Tanglewood appearance was in 1974, we suspect there are families who can count births, deaths, and many other family milestones not in years, but in concerts.

What else can explain the enduring love affair between James Taylor, his fans and Tanglewood?

Certainly there are the familiar lyrics, “from Stockbridge to Boston;” the references to the Red Sox; and the obvious affection Taylor has for his Berkshire County home.

But we suspect it is the timeless quality of his music that brings fans back to the summer they were in college; on the road; or at loose ends. And then in what seems like the time between verses, there they are with a girlfriend who is now a wife, chasing after a baby who has suddenly and magically gone from nursing to nursing a wine cooler and is now sitting next to them on a blanket with children of her own.


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