Forbes Reviews Carole King’s A Natural Woman: A Memoir‘s Craig Silver reviews three books covering mythic American songwriters, the first being Carole King‘s A Natural Woman: A Memoir.

King’s energy has been, if not unnatural, then preternatural or supernatural. Starting as a mere teenager, she’s streaked across the cultural firmament as both a composer and a singer. Oh, yeah—she’s also been a professional actress on stages across the world, including Broadway. Oh, yeah, she’s also been rancher and an environmental activist. Oh, yeah, she also raised four children, mostly on her own, having burned through four husbands and numerous boyfriends. (That kind of astronomical energy tends to leave others, especially love interests, in a comet’s dust trail.)

He also covers This Land Is Your Land: Woody Guthrie and the Journey of an American Folk Song by Robert Santelli and Gary Marmorstein’s A Ship Without A Sail, a biography of songwriter Lorenz Hart.


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