Joni Mitchell’s California on BBC is 4th Greatest Pop Culture Moment from Famous Canadians

Next on the Joni Mitchell List-athon is’s 10 Great Pop Culture Moments by Famous Canadians, in recognition of Canada Day. At #4 is Joni Mitchell’s live performance of “California” on the BBC:

Joni Mitchell has a number of astounding live performances — her Dick Cavett Show rendition of “Chelsea Morning” comes to mind, as does her version of “I Shall Be Released” with “Mama” Cass Elliot and Mary Travers, but for me there’s no beating her dulcimer-aided BBC take on “California,” the emotional centerpiece of her landmark album Blue. Hard to find a single flaw, in case you’re even looking for one. A perfect and unforgettable voice, perfect and unforgettable lyrics, and just staggering vulnerabilty. Saskatoon, we thank you.

Joni shows up again as part of the #7 spot, “The Last Waltz is the defining concert film”. But here’s that “California” performance:


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