Joni Mitchell: Second Most Amazing Female Guitarist

It must be list season for Joni Mitchell. She is once again runner-up to the top position on a list of rock’s greatest something. And once again, the list is only looking at the female factor. Paste Magazine noticed that Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time list from last year only included two women, so they are putting forth 10 Amazing Female Guitarists. At #2:

’70s folksinger Joni Mitchell was one of the most inventive guitarists of all time. Like [Elizabeth] Cotten, she developed a unique playing style all her own, and was famous for the non-standard tunings she devised to make up for a left hand that was weakened by a childhood bout with polio.

Her song “California” from Blue is streamed as proof of her greatness.

The top spot on Paste’s list is taken by Bonnie Raitt. Incidentally, Bonnie and Joni were the two women on that previously referenced Rolling Stone list. Joni was #75 (with a write-up by David Crosby) and Bonnie was #89.


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