Now On Sale – Carly Simon’s Spoiled Girl: Expanded Edition

Spoiled Girl: Expanded Edition

Happy Independence Day, America!

Meanwhile in the UK, an expanded edition of Carly Simon‘s 1985 album Spoiled Girl has been released by the Hot Shot Records imprint of Big Break Records, a British label that specializes in dance music from the 1960s to the ’80s.

The album was Carly’s foray into dance, New Wave and other popular genres at the time, and has since become something of a cult classic.

The CD remasters from the original vinyl and includes three bonus tracks:

  1. “My New Boyfriend”
  2. “Come Back Tonight”
  3. “Tonight And Forever”
  4. “Spoiled Girl”
  5. “Tired Of Being Blonde”
  6. “The Wives Are In Connecticut”
  7. “Anyone But Me”
  8. “Interview”
  9. “Make Me Feel Something”
  10. “Can’t Give It Up”
  11. “Black Honeymoon”
  12. “Tired Of Being Blonde” (Single Version) (Bonus Track)
  13. “My New Boyfriend” (12″Remix) (Bonus Track)
  14. “My New Boyfriend” (12″ Dub Version) (Bonus Track)

It also includes a 14-page booklet that includes extensive interviews with Carly Simon and producers Don Was, Frank Filipetti, Andy Goldmark, and Phil Ramone on the making of the album.

Hot Shot Records’ product description:

Carly Simon shot to fame in the early seventies with a string of critically acclaimed singles & albums on the Elektra label. As well as the iconic hits “You’re So Vain” & “Nobody Does It Better” (from The Spy Who Loved Me) she enjoyed further US successes with the hits “That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be”, “Anticipation”, “Mockingbird” (with James Taylor) and “You Belong To Me”.

After a less successful stint on Warner Bros. and a divorce from fellow singer/songwriter James Taylor, Carly signed with Epic Records in 1985 who teamed her up with some of the hottest Pop & Dance producers of the day including Arthur Baker, Don Was, Phil Ramone and Paul Samwell-Smith. The resulting album was Spoiled Girl.

Though the album did not reach sales expectations in 1985 it has since become something of a cult classic and is seen by many as one of the most cohesive, well written and produced multi-producer albums of the mid-eighties.

“Tired of Being Blonde” was released as the first single and returned Carly to the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts.

“My New Boyfriend” was the album’s second single and featured Carly in a New Wave/Dance setting.

“The Wives are in Connecticut” caught the attention of Mike Nichols and Norah Efron who invited Simon to write the theme song for their upcoming movie Heartburn resulting in her comeback hit Coming Around Again.


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