Happy Birthday, Carly Simon!

(Video from a 1991 TV appearance promoting her album Have You Seen Me Lately?, which contains her original song “Happy Birthday”.)

As previously announced, Carly will publish her own memoir. From her website:

Simon’s yet-to-be titled book will be about her childhood as a daughter of Richard L. Simon, co-founder of Simon & Schuster, the discovery of her life-altering stammer, her meteoric rise and unparalleled career in music, and her loves, including her marriage to James Taylor.

Carly commented, “I was born into the world of book publishing. My father, the co- founder of Simon and Schuster, published many stories in their autobiographical form, and after I finally understood that making books wasn’t just about glue, scotch tape and thick paisley paper, I was old enough to read some of them. (By that time I was also keeping a diary: ‘Dear Diary, tonight we had peas and carrots and chocolate pudding for desert.’) After years of keeping journals and writing lyrics for my tunes, I have developed a strong interest in seeing how my life might just string together in a longer form. I know I’ll be looking for a strong chorus, like a repeating dream or theme. I am thrilled to be writing for Random House. I know both of my parents would be smiling and proud.”


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One Response to Happy Birthday, Carly Simon!

  1. Tim Heinrich says:

    Hope You Had A Great Birthday Carly!

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