Carole King on press tour for autobiography A Natural Woman and album The Legendary Demos

Carole King has been promoting her newly released book A Natural Woman: A Memoir, as well as her soon-to-be-released album The Legendary Demos. That album now has its own webpage, by the way. The page includes a contest to win a signed copy of the book, a t-shirt and the new CD.

Here’s a rundown of last week’s interview appearances:

April 10: NPR’s Morning Edition (audio and article) – Carole spoke with Renee Montagne about her early start with her high school band the Co-Sines and meeting the legendary disc jockey Alan Freed, and also her affection for one of her more recent songs, “Love Makes the World.” That song was released on the album of the same name in 2001 (and re-released as a 2-disc deluxe edition in 2007).

April 10: The Today Show (video and excerpt) – This interview with Ann Curry got emotional toward the end when Carole talks about the immense gratitude she feels for her life. Included below the video is an excerpt from Chapter One.

April 10: The Huffington Post (pictures and excerpts) – Debra Ollivier featured some of the rare photos in the book, accompanied by excerpts. On the recording of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” for Tapestry:

“I was so deeply involved in the making of Tapestry that it’s difficult for me to describe those happy, productive weeks in a logical or linear fashion. But these random scenes remain vibrantly alive for me in memory snapshots:

— James (Taylor) and Joni (Mitchell) sitting on adjoining stools, their heads almost touching as they whisper to each other and share a private moment before Hank is ready for them to sing background harmonies on Will You Love Me Tomorrow.

Though James and Joni are singing on separate mics, their closeness is an almost physical presence. I can’t tell you what specific frequency it occupies, but the intimacy between them can still be heard and felt on this recording.

April 11: NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross (audio and article) – In addition to an in-depth interview/conversation lasting about 40 minutes, NPR sampled songs from The Legendary Demos: “It’s Too Late,” “Take Good Care of My Baby,” “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”. For some of the songs, they segued into the hit single versions. Much to Carole’s chagrin, they also played one of Carole’s earliest songs, “Babysittin'”. Among a variety of topics, she talked about collaborating with Paul Simon at Queens College to help other musicians make demos. Despite their teaming up, they never wrote together. Also how she was influenced by James Taylor‘s music during the writing of some of the material on Tapestry, such as “You’ve Got A Friend” and “So Far Away” (the latter with bassist and then-husband Charlie Larkey in mind), and her decision to disclose in the book that she was in an abusive relationship with her third husband Rick Evers. Also mentioned: Sony now owns about 50% of the copyrights of her Aldon Music material.

April 11: CBS This Morning (video and article) – Carole spoke with Gayle King and Charlie Rose about how she initially did not like the sound of her singing voice, and her abusive relationship with the late Rick Evers, among some other topics.

April 13: CNN’s Piers Morgan (excerpt of interview) – In this snippet of the longer interview that aired, Carole talked about why she stayed in an abusive relationship and what victims of abuse can do now.


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One Response to Carole King on press tour for autobiography A Natural Woman and album The Legendary Demos

  1. Barb Herman says:

    I just finished reading A Natural Woman. I was so touched by Carole’s openness into her life. I was choking back tears when I was finishing the last couple of chapters. So much talent, but also so much love for the human race. Thank you for touching my life Carole.

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