Carole King’s A Natural Woman: A Memoir wins over reviewers

Carole King‘s autobiographical book A Natural Woman: A Memoir is released today.

Giving it a favorable 3 out of 4 stars, USA Today reviewed the book yesterday. They also have a photo gallery sampling pictures from the book, which includes Carole with Paul Simon and Gerry Goffin in the ’60s, Carole with Joni Mitchell and James Taylor during the recording of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” for Tapestry, and other rare pictures.

This joins other favorable reviews so far. Kirkus Review called it a “warm, winning read” on March 1. Publisher’s Weekly liked it as well. The Sunday Times of the UK has an enthusiastic review behind a pay wall, but has a PDF scan of the actual newspaper. The Independent also enjoyed it.

Carole King is making appearances all week long to promote the book’s release. She’s being seen and/or heard on NPR, the Today Show, CBS This Morning, CNN’s Piers Morgan, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, plus an in-person book signing at the Union Square Barnes & Noble. Video and audio of each appearance will be posted next week.


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