Carly Simon represented by Ciancia Management; unreleased songs

Carly Simon is now represented by Ciancia Management. The company’s site has a special Carly Simon page, which links to her official site and social media pages. There’s also a promo page, which provides bios, photos, and extensive information on her catalog of songs, including info on unreleased songs. Perhaps best of all was a licensing page with audio of many of her classic songs and a number of unreleased songs, but this has since been disabled.

Unreleased songs:

  1. I Can’t Thank You Enough
  2. Peaches
  3. We Can Talk
  4. The More I Look For You
  5. Can On A Hot Tin Roof
  6. It’s Nothing Personal (unreleased song from the Working Girl soundtrack)
  7. Slowly (rough mix)
  8. Manhattan (with horns) (thought to be an unreleased track from Letters Never Sent)

The management company is run by Larry Ciancia, former drummer for the Ben Taylor Band, fronted by Carly’s son Ben Taylor. Ciancia is also the co-founder/CEO of Ben Taylor’s independent music label Iris Records, which also carries some of Carly’s latest releases, such as her most recent studio album Never Been Gone.

The site also reveals that Carly’s son Ben Taylor‘s new album Listening will be released August 14.


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