James Taylor supports Tuberville to help feed the hungry

In a recent newsletter, James Taylor threw his support behind the non-profit organization Tuberville, a charity that works with local farmers to set aside a few acres of their farmland to produce crops for local food banks. Last year, Tuberville harvested over 34,000 pounds of crops for the hungry in Vermont and Maine, and there are plans to extend their “model of community” to the rest of New England and out to the rest of the United States.

A web-series has also been created to help generate interest and support. Here is the pilot episode:

James Taylor commented on Tuberville, which was started by his production manager Ralph Perkins:

Ralph Perkins has been my Production Manager for many years. [He and his wife Jeannie] (and their friends) raise, harvest and deliver the spuds to food banks and soup kitchens across Vermont and Maine under the project name of “Tuberville”. I do what I can to support their efforts because what they do helps so many. You too maybe? Please donate and please watch ‘You Say Potato’. I really believe in the power of community, which is what Tuberville is all about.

James Taylor
March 2012


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