Moonshadow: A Musical Fantasy world premiere scheduled for May 31

Long in development and fulfilling a lifelong dream, Moonshadow: A Musical Fantasy, a musical theater production based on the songs of Cat Stevens, is scheduled to have its world premiere on May 31st at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Australia. Anders Albien is directing and co-wrote the script with Yusuf and Rachel Wagstaff. The production stars Gareth Keegan as the main character Stormy, Gemma-Ashley Kaplan as his childhood sweetheart Lisa, Joylon James as his odd companion Moonshadow, Blake Bowden as Patt Matthew of the mega-corporation Matthew & Son, and Robert Grubb as Mr. Hojja.

The show will weave familiar Cat Stevens songs and new music through a story about a world ruled by dark, and the one who seeks light. Featured songs will include “Father & Son”, “Wild World,” “Matthew & Son,” “The First Cut is the Deepest,” and “Moonshadow”. The production has a budget of $5 million. Tickets went on sale March 5th and are available through Ticketmaster.

The Story

In this world of Darkness, evil rules by night, but somewhere in the shadows… someone’s seeking light.

The planet (Alaylia) is locked in an endless night. People strain and struggle to pay for light and heat supplied by the Zalims. The Zalims are the Jinn-spirits of Darkness, who control the production of precious balls of Ember, the world’s only source of light-fuel located deep beneath the surface of Blacksmog Mountain.

The secret ruler of the Zalim Empire, Princess Zeena, lives in a permanently lit Glass Bubble Palace, overseeing the extraction of wealth and possessions from the people of Alaylia. Zeena’s ambition is to rule over the population of the planet. Once she completes her efforts to steal their hopes and dreams, she will destroy the light of the Moon, the last natural source of light on the planet, leaving her with absolute power.

Our young hero Stormy is a loner, separated from his contemporaries by his bolt-white, spiky hair. He hopes and dreams of a happier world beyond the confines of Alaylia; his restless imagination fantasizes with tales about Shamsia, the mythical land of the lost Sun. Moonshadow, Stormy’s odd, dark companion, also stands out; clearly being more wise and witty than ordinary shadows, he has been chosen by a secret council of shadowy compatriots to assist Stormy in his quest.

Following a cataclysmic clash with his father after failing at work and losing his job at the planet’s biggest company, Matthew & Son, the main distributor of Ember-balls, then being harshly separated from Lisa, his childhood sweetheart, Stormy’s world crumbles. Inspired by Moonshadow, he decides to embark on a journey to the edge of darkness, to find out for himself if that hidden world of light and happiness exists or not? Leaving behind his mother and father and his unattainable childhood love who is now being courted by the Son of Mr Matthew, Stormy’s adventure brings him unwittingly into the clutches of his greatest enemy and close to the end of the world. Little does he know that the whole of Alaylia’s future and that of all its people, rests on his shoulders and his childhood dream, to return light and hope to the planet.


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