Why Carly Simon Should Be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Carly Simon is among a number of noticeable omissions in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Phill Marder of Goldmine Magazine has been writing a series of columns about who should have been inducted by now, and last week, he explained why Carly Simon should’ve been inducted before Laura Nyro.

He starts off by taking the argument of influence off the table, since it’s so hard to prove, and makes the good point that the Hall of Fame is not about who should be more famous. He then runs through the litany of Carly’s many accolades: the hits, the awards, etc., and compares those with the more limited commercial success of Laura Nyro during her career.

It’s a compelling argument, but maybe we’re biased.


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3 Responses to Why Carly Simon Should Be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  1. Erwin D says:

    We’ll never get out of this one.:-) Fame is unimportant. Some famous artists are great, some are crap. Some non-famous artists are great, some are crap. The whole idea of a hall of fame is wrong, a.o. because it creates resentment (why is so and so in/not in). We should honor artists for the greatness of their art not for their level of fame or sales or even influence (some influential artists were crap). Why are we so obsessed with fame? Why do we always have to quantify, oppose and make a competition out of everything? Why are we throwing so many useless awards at people’s heads these days? Why Carly Simon VERSUS Laura Nyro? What’s the point? What’s next? Laura Nyro versus the Singing Nun? Why can’t we just enjoy the great music made by f.i. the artists listed on this website AND Laura Nyro?

    • Corey Blake says:

      You ask great questions, Erwin. I think the writer tried to make his point without detracting from the music of Laura Nyro, who as you say is a fantastic talent herself. Perhaps he shouldn’t have framed his argument with her as part of it. I think the desire comes from wanting to spread the music that we love and see it get recognized and promoted in other circles. Perhaps the validation is unnecessary.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Artamus says:

    This is all quite silly. Before Laura was inducted, there were fans of her’s angry that other Artists got in ahead of her, and now we see some fans of other Artist’s angry that she got in before them – it’s a catch 22 situation. I guarantee you, when Carly is inducted – and we all KNOW she will be – there’s going to be lots of blogging about “How dare they induct her before(insert yet to be inducted Female Artist here)….”

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