Carly Simon sets up directory for Martha’s Vineyard musicians

Carly Simon has launched a free online directory for local Martha’s Vineyard musicians to connect and network, as a way to give back to the very community that helped her start her career in the 1960s. The site, which opened last week and is being entirely funded by Carly Simon, already has about 100 members.

In an interview with the Vineyard Gazette (subscription required), she explained the impetus for the web-site:

“I created the site partly for my own needs. For example, if I wanted to get in touch with a bass player, or a singer or any of a number of other Island musicians. There are so many musicians, so many people on the Island, so many resources. And a lot of them don’t know each other.”

“If I could know who to call, it would be helpful to everyone, to have a network.”

“I got enthusiastic about the idea and started calling around. The response was almost 100 per cent.”

The banner image currently seen at the site (and above) uses a still from the 1987 HBO special Live From Martha’s Vineyard during the performance of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. The children’s choir was made up of the children of Carly Simon and James Taylor, as well as the children of James’ siblings Alex, Kate and Hugh, and their respective spouses. From left to right: Sally Taylor, Aquinnah Witham, Alexandra Taylor, Liz Witham, Ben Taylor and Isaac Taylor.

Carly Simon’s daughter Sally Taylor has an online concert scheduled for March 5 at 5 PM Pacific. Only 118 tickets are still available at the affordable pay-what-you-can price. Carly’s son Ben Taylor has a new album titled Listening that is currently in production.


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