Country/Pop Star Taylor Swift cast as Joni Mitchell in Girls Like Us movie?

Taylor Swift as Joni Mitchell?

The entertainment rumor/gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights claimed last week that country/pop star Taylor Swift has been cast in the role of Joni Mitchell for Girls Like Us, a movie based on the book of the same name by Sheila Weller.

Yesterday I tweeted that Taylor Swift would be playing Joni Mitchell in an upcoming movie. The movie is called “Girls Like Us,” and is based on the book with the same title. This movie has been in development forever, but is set to be released in 2014. The book is about the careers of Carly Simon, Carole King, and Joni Mitchell. Taylor Swift is attached to the movie to play Joni Mitchell. Katie Jacobs, who directed House was supposed to direct the movie and make her feature film debut.

The supposed entertainment lawyer who writes the blog didn’t provide any sources, and Sheila Weller did not respond by press time. (This post will be updated, in the event she does.) However, it’s possible this insider scoop is nothing more official than Weller’s own casting wish list she shared in an interview with Caroline Leavittville last May.

Whom do you envision playing each–if you had your druthers?
As Joni: Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is a huge star among young audiences, and, having just moved to Beverly Hills, she is obviously working hard to turn her music stardom into a film equivalent. Like Joni, she has written famously guessed-about songs about her boyfriends. She is tall, lean, feminine, projects charisma/exhibitionism AND shy, ladylike decorousness…that was Joni in the mid-late ’60s and even early 70s. Joni is the easiest to cast, in that, as complicated as she was and is (and, man!, she was and is), on first interpretation, she fills the archetype of the lovely, sensitive, long-blond-haired girl singer (Maybe because she created that archetype), so “indication” of  that  now-well-understood type goes a long way; the idioysyncracies can  be filled in. There are more obvious Joni’s than Caroles or Carlys among young actresses today. (Amanda Seyfried, Mia Wiakowska, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.) I’d like Taylor Swift — a superstar and a lovely girl —  to embrace her Inner Joni (and what girl singer doesn;t have one?), take a ton of acting classes, and run with it, providing the highest-glow wattage for the ensemble, which will shine over the whole project.  And, for those who say: But Taylor Swift’s a country singer…, well, she’s actually from Pennsylvania.

Weller also ‘cast’ actress Michelle Williams as Carole King and actress/singer Evan Rachel Wood as Carly Simon. She prefaced her answers stating “Please understand: I have absolutely NO say in the casting. NONE. Nada, zip.”

Typically this kind of casting news would be announced in more established entertainment press, like the Hollywood Reporter. So I would take this semi-news with a really large grain of salt.


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