Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Dinner

Neil Young and Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne were spotted sitting at a table with Neil Young at the pre-Grammy dinner gala hosted by Clive Davis Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton here in Los Angeles, according to

While pictures have been posted showing Joni Mitchell and Neil Young seated together (like the one at right), none have yet to surface showing Jackson Browne seated with them. That may be because during the gala dinner, Jackson Browne was busy performing “Waterloo Sunset” with The Kinks, according to The song, written by Ray Davies, appeared on the British rock band’s 1967 album Something Else By The Kinks.

Jackson Browne with Ray Davies and The Kinks

Joni Mitchell’s attendance is notable as her public appearances have been few and far between since her health problems with the enigmatic Morgellons disease were revealed in a Billboard Magazine article from February 2009. In a Los Angeles Times interview from last April, she revealed her health was improving, but she was looking to leave the music business to help others suffering with Morgellons. The disease has so far been dismissed by most medical professionals and organizations as a delusional psychosis.


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