Carly Simon: Clouds In My Coffee box set to be offered at big discount 1/26/11

Despite going inactive the site still gets plenty of visitors and I occasionally get contacted about it. A Sony Music representative asked me to let Carly Simon fans know about a deal that will be posted at their newest project

The site offers a deal on one specific release each day for that day only up to 70% off and free shipping. I am told that on Wednesday, January 26 only, Carly Simon’s box set Carly Simon: Clouds In My Coffee 1965-1995 will be available at an “incredible low price plus free shipping”.

Unfortunately you have to sign up with the site to see the price but it’s a free account.

Clouds In My Coffee is a great 3-disc anthology presenting 58 songs from Carly Simon’s career. Disc 1 has the big hits like “You’re So Vain,” “Anticipation,” “Coming Around Again,” “Nobody Does It Better,” “Let the River Run,” and more. Disc 2 is titled Miscellaneous & Unreleased, and is made up of rare non-album tracks, alternate takes or mixes, and previously unheard songs, including “The Night Before Christmas”. The final disc is called Cry Yourself To Sleep, and is made up of non-hit ballads and deeper cuts such as “Devoted to You” with James Taylor and “Davy” with Andreas Vollenweider. The box set was originally released at the end of 1995 by Arista Records, which became part of Sony Music over the last decade.

(I will not make any commission off of this (if only!) but I’m happy to help fellow Carly Simon fans out who don’t have this. I actually don’t have this (although I borrowed it from a friend and really enjoyed it), so I might buy it myself!)

More info on PopMarket:
Twitter: @popmarketmusic
Facebook: popmarketmusic


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