Chris Isaak talks about his Yusuf interview

Musician Chris Isaak spoke recently with the Las Vegas Review-Journal about his upcoming TV show “The Chris Isaak Hour”, which will debut on the Bio Channel on February 26.

For Isaak’s TV show, one of his interviews is with Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, the often-assumed recluse star of the 1970s (“Wild World,” “Peace Train,” “Moon Shadow,” “Morning Has Broken”).

Stevens was vilified years ago after he was misquoted regarding a fatwa against “The Satanic Verses” author Salman Rushdie. Isaak puts to rest the assumption Stevens “isn’t doing interviews.”

“His people knew I was a big fan. Not only did he come on” for a TV interview, “he let me sing with him. And I even got him to sing one of his old songs, ‘I Love My Dog.’ ”

There are a lot of misconceptions about Cat Stevens, Isaak says, because people don’t get to hear from him much.

“It wasn’t like he was weird. There wasn’t a vibe that he wouldn’t laugh or joke. He laughs and jokes. He’s got a sense of humor.”

(Thanks to SuzieQ.)


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