Happy Birthday, Carole King!

Carole King turned 67 today!

Jose’s wonderful fan-site Now And Forever has some more videos of her tour in Japan late last year. You can watch her perform “Welcome To My Living Room“, “Home Again“, a ’60s hits medley, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow“, “Being At War With Each Other“, “So Far Away” and “You’ve Got A Friend“.

Speaking of her recent Japan Tour, CaroleKing.com has added some merchandise from that tour to their online store. You can get t-shirts, programs and other stuff without having attended the concert! Viva La Internet!

Joe Heuer at Rock and Roll Guru has been celebrating her with several fine posts.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle honored her today with a full biographical article.

Out in Hollywood also put Carole in the spotlight.

Even gossip e-rag TMZ honored her today with today’s Memba Them? feature, which got lots of amusing comments by people making it clear she was never forgotten in the first place.

What did you do today to celebrate?


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One Response to Happy Birthday, Carole King!

  1. Thanks, Corey! I listened to Carole most of the day to celebrate her birthday…as I’d imagine you did.

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