In Our Hands featuring James Taylor & Carly Simon released on DVD-R

James Taylor Online reports that the 1984 documentary In Our Hands has been released on DVD. The film captures the historic peace demonstration in New York City on June 12, 1982. More information on the documentary is available on the director’s website The movie was originally released February 16, 1984, and was released on DVD (actually, it seems to be independently released on DVD-R, which is basically like a print-to-order burned DVD) on January 5, 2009. Both James Taylor and Carly Simon perform. I’ve never seen this and have never heard too much about it, so I’m not sure whether they appear together, what they perform, or how much they are in this. Anyone know?

Also on DVD is the October 14, 2002, episode of “Charlie Rose” with an interview appearance by James Taylor during his promotion of October Road. The interview concludes with a solo performance of “Carolina In My Mind”. This actually isn’t a new release (August 15, 2006), but JTO might be the first to actually notice it’s out there. You can also watch the whole segment at


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One Response to In Our Hands featuring James Taylor & Carly Simon released on DVD-R

  1. jose says:

    I have the video tape.In this video James Taylor performs. He plays “You’ve Got A Friend”. Carly Simon doesn’t appear in the filmas a perofrmer. but her song “Turn of the tide” is played as a background. Her sister Lucy performs another song. Taylor’s former wife Kathryn Walker appears in this film. I don’t know if they were a couple then.

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