Boots & Sand pushed to later this year has an update on the release of the music video and single “Boots & Sand”. Originally scheduled for a January release in advance of Yusuf’s new album, both the single and music video have been pushed back for a simultaneous release with the still-untitled full album, which should appear later this year.

The update includes a great picture and anecdote of the boots Yusuf wore for the music video:

Jesse Dylan’s video of Boots & Sand is looking good and is currently quite far ahead in the editing process.

Filmed in the Californian desert outside Los Angeles, it features an intriguing-looking cast who play a bunch of travellers lost in the wilderness along with Yusuf. The video is based on an idea of Jesse’s and inspired by Fellini.

The boots [pictured at link] worn by Yusuf unfortunately gave him sore feet, so we may not see him in them again for a long, long time. Thankfully, the boots were not unduly upset and, since then, have enjoyed a very easy life in the closet.

The post also details his recording of the solo acoustic video of “Oh Very Young” for (Red)Wire.


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