Carly Simon recording new album, song for Stuttering Foundation

Posting to her blog Simon Speaks, Carly Simon announced that she is recording a new album that will comprise of new acoustic recordings of her classic hits and deep cuts from her catalogue. The album will include her son Ben Taylor, guitarist David Saw, drummer Larry Ciancia and guitarist Peter Calo. John Forte will likely make a guest appearance. Jimmy Parr (or perhaps Jimmy Webb, she doesn’t specify) and Frank Filipetti are producing and mixing. The album will be released by Ben and Larry’s record company Iris Records.

9 tracks are known so far (not necessarily in this order):

  • “That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be”
  • “Three Days”
  • “There’s Just No Freedom” [new song written by Carly Simon, Ben Taylor and David Saw]
  • “You Belong To Me” [possible guest appearance by John Forte]
  • “Anticipation”
  • “Never Been Gone”
  • “You’re So Vain”
  • “Coming Around Again”
  • “Let The River Run”

Carly also announced that she is recording a song for a charity album for the Stuttering Foundation of America.

I’m also recording a song for an album for the Stuttering Foundation that I am a part of in NY. A song that a young girl wrote and recorded. She sings it like an angel. So much better than I could ever hope to sing it. She’s about thirteen or fourteen and the stutter that she has allows her to communicate through the medium of singing. I know most of you know that this is what I also went through as a child, a teenager and to a lesser degree, now. I’m joining a group at Berkelee School Of Music in Boston which heals through music. It is not just stuttering. In fact, stuttering is a small part of it. We go to hospitals and sing for babies who are going through chemo therapy and for the elderly who have Alzheimer’s, and for the isolated and the indigent and on and on. I am lending my name and my time to this and am very excited about it.


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One Response to Carly Simon recording new album, song for Stuttering Foundation

  1. JaneFraser says:

    We have long been an admirer of Carly’s and are thrilled about her new album dedicated to helping those who stutter and the Stuttering Foundation.
    The Stuttering Foundation reaches out to people who stutter in more than 125 countries around the world each year!

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