Yusuf to release George Harrison cover for charity on Monday

YusufIslam.com announced that Yusuf is ready to release his and Klaus Voorman’s cover of George Harrison’s song “The Day The World Gets ‘Round” on Monday, January 26, 2009. 

Jamal Records has a page set up for the song. All proceeds from the downloadable single will be donated to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and Save The Children to aid children and families of Gaza.

“This song represents for me the great spirit of George Harrison. I hope this song will help remind people of the immense legacy of love, peace and happiness we can share when we get round to looking at mankind’s futile wars and prejudices, and start to change our foolish ways.”

The song will later appear on Klaus Voorman’s debut solo album The Sideman’s Journey. where proceeds will benefit an environment and health project to aid the Oglala Sioux of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Klaus plays bass on the song. Yusuf sings lead vocals and plays 12-string and acoustic guitars.

“Around the beginning of the new year I was talking to Klaus Voorman about helping me with the art for my new album. He told me he was making his own record in aid of the American Indians. He asked me to contribute. Then the attacks in Gaza began.

Looking through George Harrison’s albums I discovered the song, “the Day The World Gets ‘Round”. It’s a beautiful plea for peace and understanding written by George Harrison, the spiritual leader of the Beatles. I’d met him with John Lennon in the early 70s at David Bailey’s studio. He was such a great spirit and his eastern outreach inspired me and many others. George was also more responsible than any other artist for initiating Pop music’s movement to aid people and countries stricken by war and calamities; his Concert For Bangladesh as the first of its kind. 

The song speaks of the split nature of this world: comparing the love and joy of sharing what we all have on this earth, with the ‘foolishness in man’ and his qeust for more, thus causing war and loss in the process.

I hope this record will help remind people of the immense love, peace and happiness, that is possible when we get round to looking at our futile wars and prejudices.”

The page also includes several pictures of Yusuf and Klaus in the studio, lyrics to the song, an illustration by Klaus reminiscent to his cover of The Beatles’ Revolver, links to download the song and to the benefitting charities, and more information on the recording of the song.


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