James Taylor to replace fan’s iPod after New York cabbie takes it for fare

James Taylor told The New York Post that he will be replacing a fan’s iPod that was used in exchange for taxi cab fare in New York City after the fan’s credit card was declined. 

20-year old college student Natalie Lenhart was visiting NYC from Sacramento, California, on December 8 when she was unable to pay her $49 cab fare due to the taxi cab’s credit card reader failing to read her card. Police got involved and insisted that something of value be exchanged for the ride, or she would be taken “downtown”. All she had on her was a laptop and a $140 iPod Nano full of songs from her favorite artists like James Taylor and the Beatles. The New York Post ran a story about the incident on Wednesday. James Taylor saw the story and decided to intervene. 

“I wanted to reach out a little bit. It seems like I probably reacted to the story like everyone else – it was surprising.”

“They sort of had the policemen make the decision about what was appropriate payment on the spot. It’s weird.”

Natalie might even get a new iPhone out of it, as James is apparently considering getting himself one.

“I need an upgrade, too, and everyone’s trying to talk me into the iPhone,” he said.

“It’s a brand new day and they say I should get with it. We’ll see.”


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