James Taylor with John Legend & Jennifer Nettles for Inauguration Celebration

James Taylor performed “Shower the People” yesterday with longtime backup singer Arnold McCuller and wife Caroline Taylor, and special guests R&B singer-songwriter John Legend and country singer Jennifer Nettles, as part of the “We Are One” concert to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama.

There’s also been plenty of coverage of the rehearsals.

Here’s a video of them rehearsing “Shower the People”.

NPR has an interview with James Taylor as part of their All Things Considered program. He talks about picking “Shower the People”.

The Weight has a picture and info from the day before. 

 I got to watch JT and John Legend run through ‘Shower The People’ around four times altogether. I have no idea how James was able to play his turquoise Fender for such a long time in those temperatures.

MTV Newsroom blogger Sarah Maslin Nir briefly mentions James a couple of times in her rehearsal report.

If you caught James on CNN’s “Larry King Live”, you would have noticed James with an eyepatch. He was then seen with dark sunglasses and a stitched up scar on his left cheek during the concert. MTV thought it was so significant, they posted an article about it.

Taylor’s injury set the Web abuzz about exactly what happened. Beginning late Saturday, there were a number of queries on Twitter about the artist, asking why he donned an eye patch for his appearance on CNN.


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