Jackson Browne at Battery Park, 1979

Wolfgang’s Vault has added a portion of Jackson Browne’s performance at Battery Park in Manhattan, New York, on September 23, 1979. The performance was one of the shows building up to the big concert at Madison Square Garden captured on the No Nukes feature film and album. The set unfortunately cuts off “The Road And The Sky” but is otherwise an excellent recording.

Jackson performs with David Lindley (guitar, pedal steel guitar, fiddle), Craig Doerge (keyboards, vocals), Bob Glaub (bass), Ritchie Hayward (drums, vocals), Jody Linscott (percussion) and Rosemary Butler (vocals).

The set list:

  1. Running On Empty
  2. How Long Have You Been Blind?
  3. Before The Deluge
  4. The Pretender
  5. The Road And The Sky (incomplete)

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One Response to Jackson Browne at Battery Park, 1979

  1. john says:

    hey, i was there, 30 years ago today!

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