Cat Stevens’ The Wind used for School Play has an article about the documentary School Play, which uses Cat Stevens’ song “The Wind” in the closing scenes. Co-director Rick Velleu (his name is misspelled throughout the article as Villeu) talks about obtaining the rights for the song from Yusuf.

Villeu set the montage to a Cat Stevens song called “The Wind.”

Stevens — who now goes by the name Yusuf Islam — has seen “School Play,” Villeu says, adding: “He wouldn’t give us the permission for the song unless he blessed it. We sent him the movie in Bahrain, where he was recording an album.

“He’s an idol of mine and we made the mistake of falling in love with that song for the end of the film.

“People said ‘Are you guys idiots?’ All of the record label people who owned the other songs told us we’d never get his permission.”

But after a three-week search, asking everyone they knew, they found Islam, sent him the film, and got his blessing to use the song.

Here is the film’s trailer:


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