Yusuf looks back on Tea and Teaser with USA Today

Yusuf, joined by his son Yoriyos and manager David Spero, sits down with USA Today to discuss the recent Deluxe Edition releases of Tea For The Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat.

Some quotes from the interview:

“It was an exciting experience to dig back into the spirit of those albums. They capture quite definitely a golden era of inspired music and expression. There’s a need for that kind of awakening now. That music represents the brave exploration of the time, going beyond borders and normal confines.”

“Look at Where Do the Children Play? It’s like a theme for Al Gore’s Live Earth. The fact that it’s still appropriate is sad because the lessons are not being learned. Industry is still chugging away.”

“It’s something artists pick up that can’t be measured by scientific means. You’ve almost got to stop thinking to be able to reach that place. In a way, when I made my life’s change, I was trying to live up to those values that I had been hinting at for so many years. I wasn’t always listening to my own wisdom.”

“The journey is continuing, but my God, I’m not going to forget the lessons I’ve learned. You have to direct yourself to something higher than yourself, beyond a material level. That’s what the songs represent. They still connect back to me. I can’t reach those high notes, quite. And I’m a little taller, spiritually.”

“The life of a star is a combination of desires for recognition, money, fame, love. I stopped because I was worried music might divert me from a higher door.”

“We yearn for happiness, beauty, peace, love,” he says. “So many things interfere with that, but music can take you straight there. That is a good reason I make music. You can argue with a philosopher. You can’t argue with a good song.”

More at the link.


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