Jackson Browne song on SingSOS CD to fight autism

Jackson Browne recorded a duet with Valerie Carter in the Spring of 2007 for a CD project by the non-profit organization SingSOS, which is using the power of music to raise awareness, funds and spirit in the struggle against autism spectrum disorders. The song is called “Day After Day” and was written by lyricist John O’Neil and songwriters Jon Fried and Deena Shoshkes. A demo of the song (presumably performed by the songwriters) can be heard on the SingSOS MySpace page

A fundraising event will be held at Fleming’s Steakhouse and Wine Bar in Paramus, New Jersey, on Sunday, February 22, 12:30-2:30 PM, according to the Paramus Post. Proceeds will benefit SingSOS and the Alpine Learning Group, a school that provides educational and behavioral services for children and adults with autism. The CD’s songwriters will perform their music for SingSOS.

No word yet on a release date. It looks like several songs are still to be recorded.


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