Yusuf covers George Harrison song for Gaza charity

Yusuf has recorded George Harrison’s “The Day The World Gets ‘Round” with the song’s original bassist Klaus Voorman to raise awareness and money for families suffering in Gaza from the current conflict with Israel, YusufIslam.com has announced.

“I’m horrified by the continuous inadequacy of the politicians watching the deaths of so many innocent people in Gaza caught in the bombardment, particularly the strike on a UN-run school,” said Yusuf. “Most people of the world want an end to the collective punishment of a population already living under siege and unbearable hardship.”

“A workable, peaceful and non-violent solution is long overdue for the region; one in which all parties respect the sanctity of human life,” said Yusuf.

The song will be made available soon as a charity download. The song originally appeared on George Harrison’s solo album Living in the Material World, released in 1973. Here is the original song:


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