The woman behind The Barricades Of Heaven

Sandi Bachom has posted to her blog Laughing in Hell about a significant street corner in New York City and a chance encounter with a Steve Noonan album that caused her to reconnect with Jackson Browne, who she knew in the 1960s. Her letter to him inspired his writing of the song “The Barricades of Heaven” from his album from 1996 called Looking East

So I decided to write a letter to Jackson, whom I hadn’t spoken to in 30 years! And one day a few months later, there is a message on my answering machine from Jackson, we reunited and he said he was writing a song about us growing up at the beach and the clubs in the 60’s called The Barricades of Heaven, and when the album came out, on the back cover, he thanked a bunch of people…..and there was my name, next to Bonnie Raitt!

Click on the link for the full story and more recollections of that street corner.


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