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Browne vs. McCain update: no oral argument on pending motions

Ben Sheffner’s Copyrights & Campaigns blog reports that Federal District Judge R. Gary Klausner has decided that the attorneys need not make the drive over to the court for the previously scheduled February 2, 2009, hearing to determine whether to … Continue reading

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A Single Woman with Joni Mitchell soundtrack to be screened in Topanga

The film A Single Woman, which includes Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game” and “Woodstock” (songs she donated to the project), will be screened by the Topanga Peace Alliance in Topanga, California, on Friday, February 6, 2009, according to the Topanga … Continue reading

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Carly Simon recording new album, song for Stuttering Foundation

Posting to her blog Simon Speaks, Carly Simon announced that she is recording a new album that will comprise of new acoustic recordings of her classic hits and deep cuts from her catalogue. The album will include her son Ben … Continue reading

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Carole King at Obama’s Inauguration and on Morning Joe has posted some excellent pictures of Carole’s experiences during the week of the Inauguration of Barack Obama. The morning after the inauguration, she appeared as a guest on “Morning Joe”. Well I’ve been trying to find a way to … Continue reading

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Go Get It: Jackson Browne at the Secret Policeman’s Balls

Just released as a 3-disc DVD set is The Secret Policeman’s Balls, a collection of fundraising events put on by John Cleese starting in the mid ’70s. Jackson Browne attended one of them in the ’80s and his live performance … Continue reading

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Get It Now: Yusuf’s “The Day The World Gets ‘Round”

Yusuf Islam’s downloadable song “The Day The World Gets ‘Round” is now available. Although the US store for iTunes doesn’t have it up yet (probably tomorrow with the other new releases on Tuesday), Jamal Records has it available both for … Continue reading

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Carly Simon likes The Oscars

Carly Simon’s blog Simon Speaks (and on her MySpace page) has been updated with a note from the webmaster: Carly is very busy writing, traveling and watching many, many great films (now that the Academy Award nominees have been announced). As an Oscar … Continue reading

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