Tom Freund talks about Jackson Browne

In an interview with Short and Sweet NYC, Tom Freund talks about Jackson Browne guesting on his new album Collapsible Plans.

A big highlight was Jackson Browne playing two songs with us, singing and playing piano, on “Copper Moon” and “Why Wyoming” – I am a big fan and his presence brought up a whole history of California Sound for us.

I met Jackson a couple of times over the last three years, mostly at benefits and other outings that often called for some jamming or sitting in. There was one time in particular at a benefit for our friend Wally Ingram who has beat cancer, where I was playing “Why Wyoming” and after the first verse, I hear this awesome piano and background vocal and I soon realized it was Jackson – almost a pee-in-the-pants moment! When we were scheduled to go in to the studio, I threw it out to Ben [Harper] about whether Jackson would guest on my record etc, Ben emailed him right away and he came in the next day, it was a real treat to say the least. Working out harmonies for the songs with Ben, Jackson and I in the control room was definitely a highlight and pretty surreal. Genius


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