Naughty John Lennon recording sold for $30K

That recording of John Lennon drunkenly improvising lyrics over the song “Just Because” and referencing James Taylor and Carole King, brought in $30,000 on Sunday, according to CNN, BBC News and various other reports. 

Bonhams and Butterfields auction house spokeswoman Margaret Barrett said Lennon had apparently had one too many when he got behind the mic in the 1973 recording session.

“It was six minutes, 16 seconds, and John singing very drunk and with John ad-libbing his own lyrics into the song — so it’s actually a fun song to listen to,” Barrett said.

Described in the auction catalogue as “One standard orange-colored cassette tape with audio of Lennon in fall of 1973 singing the Lloyd Price song ‘Just Because,’ ” the never-before-heard-in-public cassette was given to the former owner personally by Lennon, the auction house said.

That former owner was not identified, nor was Sunday’s buyer[.]


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