Carole King 2007 Japanese special

The Carole King fan site Now and Forever has posted videos from a 2007 TV special called “World Rock Live” that aired in Japan. The special aired the final show from last year’s “Three Great American Voices” tour, where Carole toured Japan with Mary J. Blige and Fergie. Featured songs are “Love Makes the World” and “Up on the Roof” (with a notably different arrangement) as well as the finale with Mary J. Blige and Fergie performing “Dancing in the Street” and “Natural Woman”. There’s also an interview segment. 

Jose has also made MP3 files of Carole’s portion of the show, performed on November 13 and November 10, 2007.

Thanks for the Christmas gifts, Jose!

UPDATED to add that I just melted from that version of “Up on the Roof”. That’s the new best version of that song.


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