Doug Haywood’s guitar for sale

The Jackson Browne Fan Page has made available the acoustic guitar of Doug Haywood, a talented musician who has played, toured and recorded with Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Carly Simon and many others. The site’s webmaster is representing Doug’s brother Jerry Haywood, who is selling the guitar. Jerry wrote:

“Doug owned this guitar for about 25 years. He gave it to our mom and she gave it to me. Doug told me he thinks it is a 1970 model. The model number is 1121-4. The Serial number is F-095. The action is like butter. It just doesn’t get any better on an acoustic guitar. It is factory acoustic/electric. Stays in tune beautifully and has twice the tone and volume of most guitars of similar body size. Very little age wear. It comes with the hardshell case it has lived in for too many years to remember. I will miss this guitar, but with my neuropathy in my hands, I can’t play any longer and this guitar deserves to be played and loved. I’m going to ask $2000.00 for it.”

The site now lists the guitar for $1,200. 

Also available is Doug Haywood’s Hold Out Tour jacket. Jerry wrote:

“I’ve attached a photo of Doug wearing a “Hold Out” jacket which Doug wore on the tour following the release of the album. I have the jacket and will sell it for $2000 also.”

The jacket is now available for $250.

Also for $250 each (or best offer) there are two backstage passes previously owned by Doug. The first is for the No Nukes concerts in September 1979, and the second is for a Green Peace concert with Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Neil Young and others.


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