Brooklyn Bodega likes Forte’s release

The blog Brooklyn Bordega covers John Forté’s early release thanks to President George W. Bush, and also corrects some of the reporting on John’s relationship to Carly. 

Contrary to poor reporting on this NYTimes article and poor reporting on MSNBC John Forte (that is “for-tay: Willie from Morning Joe) went to boarding school with Carly Simon’s son. He also went to NYU with Talib Kweli (was he his roommate? That’s what I heard).

He was not her backup singer but called her ‘adopted’ son. 

He also reminds us that Carly Simon was a guest on John’s last album I, John from 2002.

The news has been getting a lot of press, particularly as John is the most high profile name on the list of Bush’s pardons and commutations, like this article from MTV and this from Women on the Web.

The Boston Globe tried to talk with Ben Taylor about it, but he wants to wait before commenting to the media.


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