James Taylor concerts and workshops at Tanglewood

The Boston Symphony Orchestra yesterday announced the 2009 Tanglewood Season, which includes a weekend of concerts and workshops by James Taylor. From the press release:

Following the BSO’s eight-week residency at Tanglewood, the season extends an extra week for a unique series of concerts and workshops inspired by the incomparable James Taylor (August 27-30). “James Taylor and Friends” will give audiences the opportunity to experience the popular singer/songwriter and his band in several different contexts, including performances and master classes. The weekend features an intimate and informal evening with members of Taylor’s band (August 27), two concerts by Taylor and his full band with special guests (August 28 & 29), and a repeat collaboration between Taylor and the Boston Pops featuring conductor John Williams (August 30).

The Berkshire Eagle has an article on the weekend, with an interview with James Taylor.

“It’s a terrific feature of my career and my musical life that I have access to performing here, and to connect with the Tanglewood community in a number of ways. I look at it as my core audience, the people who come to see me at Tanglewood. I have a great sense of how fortunate I am to have this connection to the symphony in a quasi-official way, and we wanted to take things to the next step.”

According to the article, “the four-day event begins with what Taylor called an ‘intimate type of presentation’ at Ozawa Hall on Aug. 27. ‘The Band: Conversations Among Friends’ presents performances and discussions with collaborators such as vocalists Arnold McCuller, David Lasley and Kate Markowitz, fiddler and backup singer Andrea Zonn, keyboard artist Larry Goldings, and percussionists Steve Gadd and Lou Marini, Jr.”

“I’ll get a chance to do what I’ve always wanted to do, to present members of the band for questions and answers, in symposiums and in workshops.”

The two concerts on August 28 and 29 will include special guest which have yet to be nailed down.

“My only problem with finding guests will be if I wait so long that they’ll have other plans.”

“Tanglewood and the experience of the BSO represent the flower of civilization, proof of a healthy and creative culture, and to be a part of it is a delight and an honor.”


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