Boots & Sand music video in production has announced that a music video for “Boots & Sand” will accompany the song in January. The new song by Yusuf is slated to be the first single off of his upcoming album.

Jesse Dylan, son of Bob Dylan, is to direct the new music video for Yusuf’s forthcoming single, Boots & Sand.

Featuring vocal contributions from music legends Sir Paul McCartney and Dolly Parton, Boots & Sand is a satirical reflection on the controversy surrounding Yusuf’s deportation from the USA in 2004.

The video, being shot in the Californian desert, features a whole cast of characters.

Keep an eye out for the single and video release in January!

Lyrics from the song were recently posted on the LA Times music blog. Check out the post at for a great banner image that previews the song. It describes it as “the ballad of a wandering star who journeyed west… and the 7 sheriffs that couldn’t spell”. The image includes an Old West style Wanted poster of Yusuf in his Cat Stevens days. He is described as “The infamous outlaw and his band who rode the Peace Train, singing, without buying a ticket to ride”.


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